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About Me

Some of the quotes I live by -

"Real growth happens when all of us
grow together. We rise by lifting others"

"If you love life, don't waste time,
for time is what life is made up of"

"Your brand is what other people say
about you when you’re not in the room"

I Am A

A cadet by nature and a developer by passion, a tech enthusiast, a full-stack JavaScript developer, tech blogger, self-help blogger, writer, motivator and mentor for those who want to learn programming, development and recent technologies, Madhav has been continuously helping the youth of India to become better at programming.

Madhav who has contributed a lot to the community of programmers and currently working as a Software Development Intern at Microsoft, has a vision in life. His goal is to make each and every individual of this world proficient in at least one programming language (irrespective of that person's background and experience in tech/non-tech).

For the fulfillment of his vision, Madhav keeps mentoring students free of cost, spoke at more than 50 events/workshops/meetups/webinars. He has completed more than 15 (completely FREE) initiatives, reaching over 10000 people in the student community. He has published more than 100 blogs and gave a talk at more than 50 events.

He now aims to reach and uplift 1 Million students by the end of 2022. Join his journey by following him on LinkedIn:

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Tech articles

Some Of The Tech Blogs I Wrote!

A practical road-map for web development.

Read this short, to the point article as it guides you through how you should approach towards web development.


Your Perfect Kickstart To Shell Scripting

The best way of learning new frameworks or technologies is to get a hands on experience simultaneously...


GIT Good: A Practical Introduction to GIT and GitHub (Hello GitHub)

This is a two part series on GIT and GitHub, You are currently reading the Part A in which we will talk about the basics of GIT and GitHub.


GIT Good: A Practical Introduction to GIT and GitHub (In GIT we trust!)

This is a two part series on GIT and GitHub, You are currently reading the Part B in which we will talk about the GIT Commands.


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Lifestyle And Philosophy Blogs

Some Of The "Non" Tech Blogs I Wrote!

The Five Pillars That Construct A Good Life

Human mind is full of doubts and questions, and this is the ability which made human race advanced, technically sound, and superior on earth when it comes to the art of living, communicating, socializing, learning and overall growth!To be frank, there are much more questions nature has than the answers given by science.


The Only Two Things You Need To Be Scared Of!

People’s heart is always ruled by fear, whether it may be the fear of being insulted, or the fear of losing money and property, or the fear of separation from loved ones, therefore, the existence of fear is considered to be natural by all.
But, if we think deeply, the situation or object that gives birth to fear is not the actual cause of sorrow!


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